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with gratitude by Rev. Yokasta Tineo, LMT & Holistic Health Practitioner

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"These pains you feel are messengers, listen to them" -Rumi

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Kasa Healing was founded in 2014, and from the beginning, we have always offered comprehensive and holistic offerings (the work continues to evolve). We meet each and every one of you where you are and the work assists you in connecting the dots between your ailments and pains thus facilitating access to your body's innate wisdom. All Kasa Healing in-person and remote/virtual offerings go beyond the physical and create space for wholeness and healing through various approaches, such as: holistically integrating bodywork (various therapeutic massage modalities), Reiki or laying-on of hands, mindfulness and somatic practices, spiritual practices from various traditions, intuitive guidance, aromatherapy, sound healing, and consulting. You can depend on relaxing and effective sessions that will leave you feeling balanced, empowered and aligned.

It is our honor to be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.



We offer our massage therapy and Reiki services from a Harlem/Hamilton Heights location (near W 145th St.) The exact address will be given with booking confirmation. 

It is important to make these services more accessible, and for this reason, we keep our rates affordable and all-inclusive (multiple modalities at the same rate).

Our rates are $120 for a 60 min healing session $165 for a 90 min healing session. If these rates are out of your affordability range, we do offer a sliding scale upon request only; please contact us to inquire further.

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Thank you for your support and for creating space in your life for holistic self-care and self-love!  


Here are some resources that may be of service to you at the present moment: Kasahealing Self-Care-Self-Love and Emergency Response ToolKit from Capacitar.org

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