About Us

Kasa Healing Partnerships: 

Krystle Quartey, LMT

Krystle, a graduate of the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences and an AMTA member has always felt that a holistic approach to healing and health maintenance is the key to obtaining a healthy lifestyle. Krystle approaches massage as a dynamic exchange between the practitioner and receiver. She combines intuition and technical skill to provide a welcoming touch that allows clients to feel relaxed on a deeper level. She individually tailors each treatment based on her client's needs. Her primary modalities include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, sports massage, and trigger point therapy.


CoCo, Reiki Practitioner & Performing Artist

CoCo Smith is a two spirit, non-binary artist whom has worked to heal through the performing arts for over a decade and who received the calling to now also heal with their hands. They are currently studying to be an LMT at the Swedish Institute and have been studying and receiving Reiki healing for six years. CoCo completed their Reiki certification through Vibra Wellness in 2020. CoCo connects and listens to the guidance of their spirit guides, ancestors, and intuition to tune into each client's healing needs. 

Reiki Sessions with CoCo address depletion, depression, anxiety, and unease with any part of your lived and creative experiences. They include spiritual upliftment and can address trauma at a holistic level. CoCo will also be offering Holistic Vocal Therapy (90min) which is a voice lesson blended with Reiki (and includes pulling oracle cards if desired) focused on integrating Spirit into your voice and integrating left and right brain or intuition and logic. CoCo caters to any voice type and this offering is not limited to professional vocalists, for it can be helpful for all creatives, speakers, and those experiencing challenges connecting to their authentic Voice.


Kasa Healing Inception and Philosophy 

Massage therapy and Reiki are evidenced-based healing arts that support holistic health and increase our quality of life and connections to our true selves. My name is Yokasta, and I am committed to transcendent massage therapy, Reiki, Holistic Consultations, co-creation of ceremony and ritual, facilitation of sacred healing circles, and whole being-centered work and service that promotes multifaceted well-being. My journey began as a child who was truly intrigued by nature, the natural cycles of life, metaphysics, and human nature. I expanded upon this during my teenage years when my studies and communal relationships led me to a profound appreciation of the resilience of my family, community, and ancestors; this guiding me to an embodied understanding of how self-healing and community healing tools, practices, and knowledge were intentionally and creatively utilized to facilitate socio-cultural and spiritual nurturing, transformation, and regeneration, and as a form of social resistance to disconnection and oppression.

In 2006 I had deep insights into the interconnected nature of who I am (who we all are) and where I stand and made choices leading me to become a holistic health and Reiki practitioner and massage therapist. I absolutely love every angle of the work I do and being of service to you; for it continues to amaze me, inspire me, transform me, and nurture me at every level of my being. I am perceptive to each individual, family, and organization I work with and their intentions for wellness and healing, this requires deep listening. From here, I customize healing sessions and practices collaboratively with the person or group I am serving, and through the integrative implementation of all my learnings, training, and creative wisdom. 

Using therapeutic and holistic approaches to achieve optimum health and well-being is not a luxury, it is a necessity and universal right. Together we can embrace awareness, breathe into relaxation, and tap into our inner wisdom to maintain the balance and harmony we all deserve.



Background and Foundations

Rev. Yokasta Semiramy Tineo is a mother, a hermit, and a weaver who also happens to be a Licenced Massage Therapist, Inter-Spiritual Minister, Holistic Health Practitioner, facilitator, and founder of Kasa Healing. In her practice, Yokasta combines multiple healing modalities and spiritual practices to create a holistic approach that mirrors the interconnectedness of our inner and outer worlds and facilitates awareness of the sanctity ever-present within and around us. Yokasta offers Holistic Massage Therapy and Reiki sessions (for individuals and families), offers holistic consultations, co-creates rituals and ceremonies for various occasions and intentions, and leads group workshops and healing circles. Her approach integrates her learnings about holistic and trauma-informed somatic healing practices, nutrition, astrology, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, mindfulness, brain-body-emotion connections, and Nature/Earth wisdom. Yokasta has a BA in Anthropology and Psychology from Wesleyan University (2007), trained at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences (2014), attained her Reiki Master and holistic health training in the Dominican Republic and NY (2007), and is an Ordained Inter-spiritual Minister from the One Spirit Learning Alliance Inter-spiritual Seminary (2020). She has a deep passion for healing and transformational work that is integrative and intersectional, that inspires people and communities to engage their aspirations and call their spirit back, live from their hearts, and find sacred purpose in harnessing and directing the energy our body-vessels can channel into love in action.

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